Jo Thomas

Sheffield \\ Web Developer \\ Rock Climber

Hi, my name is Jo!

I'm a full stack web developer with experience on many types of projects from SaaS web applications to bespoke front end development, social media websites and internal legacy applications. Some of the technologies I like to use include PHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, MySQL, JavaScript, Vue.js, React, Git and Composer.

I am currently working as a web developer for Lattice Training. My previous work has included Tonic Works and Twinkl in Sheffield. Prior to this I was based in London where I worked as a web developer for ToucanTech and BusinessBecause.

When not writing code, I can often be found climbing on the gritstone edges of the Peak District, sea cliffs of Pembroke or in the mountains of Snowdonia!

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Freelance Portfolio

In addition to the aforementioned work above and on my CV I have included some information about my recent freelance projects that I am able to show.

  • Screenshot of Peak Climbing Club website

    Peak Climbing Club

    Peak Climbing Club is a rock climbing club based in Sheffield and the surrounding area. I was tasked with the design and development of the Peak Climbing Club website. I used Bootstrap with some modules from UIKit for the frontend and ProcessWire for the backend and CMS.

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  • Screenshot of Derbyshire Soaring Club

    Derbyshire Soaring Club

    Derbyshire Soaring Club is one of the largest hang gliding and paragliding clubs in the UK, based in the Peak District. I was involved in continued maintenance of the website, which is built using Wordpress. One of the major things I carried out was migrating the forum software from Simple Machines to wpForo.

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  • Screenshot of Cornella Corn Fairy Website

    Cornella Corn Fairy

    Cornella Corn Fairy is a book by Bertha Watts. I was tasked with the design and development of the website to promote the book. I used Tailwind CSS to help with the front end and ProcessWire for the backend and CMS.

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  • Screenshot of Nahuru Website


    Nahuru is a data analytics company, which focuses on audience measurement services for the entertainment and marketing industry. I implemented the redesign of their website using PyroCMS for the backend and Bootstrap for the frontend.

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  • Screenshot of Nahuhash App

    Nahuhash - Nahuru

    Nahuhash is a torrent hash search UI for Nahuru. I updated the UI from a basic jQuery based system to using Vue.js and Bootstrap.